Defense Packages

UA Telecom empowers clients to meet critical communications needs. UA Telecom’s Defense package is especially designed for ministries, embassies, MOI, MOD, NDS, military camps, national and international ARMY forces that requires security, reliability, stability and availability of high quality Internet services wherever they are. You will have our services connectivity in any situations you are, anywhere, anytime with different Internet speed. Staying connected with the world at all times in any situation can make you be up-date from your remote sites and communicate easily with head quarter. 100% customer satisfaction is maintained with 24/7 online and onsite technical support through our call center.

  • Defense Microwave
    Larger organizations can utilize reliable, secure and stable microwave connections through our microwave devices to fulfill their higher Internet speed requirements with our secure satellite backbone. With UA Telecom defense microwave, you will be connected to the world with high quality of Internet services at all time. Quick installation process and accessing the world with blink of eye. Stay connected with your headquarters and remote sites without any outages in your connection. You will have 24/7 technical supports with 99.9% services uptime guarantee.
  • Defense Satellite
    UA Telecom’s Defense Satellite provides pure dedicated C-band Internet services with SCPC/SCPC service on Newtech and Comtech devices to large organizations and ARMY forces. Defense satellite is the ideal service for anyone who cannot rely upon a terrestrial connection being available. Service availability, reliability, security and high quality performance are maintained in defense satellite. For being responsive at all times to your remote sites and headquarters select any speed from defense satellite packages. You will have 24/7 technical support and 99.9% services uptime guarantee.

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