Enterprise Ka-band Satellite

UA Telecom offers all possibilities of using satellites Internet service with a low price to send and receive data with a blink of eyes. UA Telecom Ka-band Satellite covers all over Afghanistan and you will be able to access all worlds and keep in touch with your business partners all the time. It also enables global access to the Internet and a range of services related to sending and receiving large amounts of data.

Satellite communication offered by UA Telecom is particularly useful in conditions where traditional communication is difficult or impossible, for example due to a lack of adequate infrastructure on the ground. This has particular significance for defense needs. In cases of participation in armed conflicts and peacekeeping missions, having encrypted communications and data transmission systems is a necessity.

UA Telecom Ka-band Satellite is among the first carriers to have access to HYLAS 2 Satellite, the most state-of-the-art satellite designed for broadband communications. It is equipped with Ka bandwidth transponders that enable bidirectional data transmission and additional services for corporations, individuals, and government agencies in rapidly growing international markets.

Enterprise Ka-band Satellite

  • Installation Charges: depends on location
  • Equipment charges: (On Lease)
  • Full Duplex 100%
  • SLA 99%
  • Shared 1:3
  • Limited Upload and Download
  • 24/7 Online and Onsite Technical support

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