Enterprise Satellite Unlimited

High Quality of Internet with the use of VSAT Ku-band services that covers all over Afghanistan and guaranteed customer satisfaction. Our competitive bandwidth prices come from the best service providers in the world, ensuring reliable and robust service 24/7/365. You will access all world with enterprise unlimited Internet. Choose the bandwidth on your demand and enjoy Incredible Internet speed wherever you want. UA Telecom offers unlimited satellite communications networks based on iDirect technology. These pre-engineered networks provide connectivity between remote sites using Internet Protocol (IP) communications. Customers are guaranteed a Duplex and Half-Duplex committed information rate (CIR) on the network and can burst into unused bandwidth (inbound or outbound) capacity.

  1. Tailor an offering to a single & multiple user's requirements and budget.
  2. Provide solid assurance that the network will be secure, stable and reliable at all times.

UA Telecom unlimited satellite Internet services covers all over Afghanistan using iDirect X3/X5 platform on TDMA/SCPC devices high quality performance.

Enterprise Satellite Unlimited

  • Installation Charges: depends on location
  • Equipment charges: (On Lease)
  • Full Duplex 100%
  • SLA 98%
  • Shared 1:3
  • Unlimited Upload and Download
  • 24/7 Online and Onsite Technical support

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