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Trans Capital Air is glad to recommend the high quality services of UA Telecom Internet Service Provider. we always get 24 hours online and onsite technical support by professional team of UA Telecom. The prices are also very reasonable compared to the services and support they provide. The reputation of the services of UA Telecom has grown to be quite high. There is hardly any complaint from our side about their services. The network has never been totally interrupted because of technical reasons. I strongly recommend UA Telecom's high quality internet services for your office and personal use.

Trans Capital Air/ (Justin James Simkins - Base Manager)

We the Balmoral Air Craft Company/UNAMA would like to appreciate UA Telecom for its extensive support and cooperation. We chose UA Telecom in 2015 from among the competitors based on 24/7 availability and support, network stability and flexibly. UA Telecom team are honest, professional, supportive and hardworking. Hereby we with a great consent would like to recommend UA Telecom as a professional, reliable and high quality internet services provider for any company or corporate business seeking a high speed and quality internet services in Afghanistan.

Balmoral Air Craft/ (George Belsten - Base Manager)

To be honest I have really been happy with the Internet, not only that if the Internet has some issues and you call them they come immediately to assist you, I think from my point of view it's one among the best internet out there and I would advise all to try it out! And yeah I am not just saying that for the purpose of making them look good but I myself have experienced it! Thanks UA Telecom! Keep it up!

Hope For Tomorrow/ Organization

To whom it may concern, Up on my arrival to United Nations UNOCA compound Kabul Afghanistan, I discovered that I need wireless internet for my personal and business needs and I contacted the local UAT office technician who immediately responded to my request after trying to connect to the existing service they setup my network . I am happy to say internet is working now and it is satisfactory for me.

UNOCA Compound (Mr. Rob)

I have been using UA Telecom, I find their service to be very reliable and continuous. furthermore the customer service I have received from UA Telecom has always been excellent and extra ordinary. I am pleased with UA Telecom and will use their internet service forever.

UNAMA (Mr. Alonzo Baldwin) (Chief Fire Safety Officer)


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